Bonnie Perkinson

About Bonnie

Growing up in an environment filled with music, art, poetry, and cultural diversity, Bonnie left home soon after high school to live abroad - studying in England and travelling through the Khyber Pass to live in the countryside of India. A modelling assignment led to a four-year residence in Japan, igniting a love affair with that culture.

In a corresponding career, Bonnie has also established herself as an important musical photo journalist. She traveled and worked with the legendary music group The Clash. She was an official photographer for the World Festival of Sacred Music and documented the iconic Japanese rock scenes of the '80s. She has worked alongside famed photographer Steve McCurry for National Geographic. Afro Cuban music is a passion of hers that she was spent two decades documenting for an upcoming book.

Bonnie's voice is resonant with her life's unique and unusual journey. She will surprise and delight you with her versatility and charm.

Images and Videos of Bonnie's Breadth of Experience

Bonnie in India


Bonnie in the REO Speedwagon video "Keep On Lovin You"